How are people reaching out to help Rob’s Rescues ?

We are touched enormously by the generosity of friends.  People will often bring a bag of food to Rob at school.

Rob and Ava









A birthday bin filled up at a party !
A birthday bin filled up at a party !

IMG_5877We all want our children to learn social responsibility, but its difficult to find outlets for younger children. Ask us to provide a Rob’s Rescues birthday bin for your child’s birthday celebration, wherever it may be, and invite their friends to each bring one small can or bag of pet food. Rob will send a personal note to the birthday child thanking him/her for positively impacting the life of an animal.  Send us a picture of your birthday bin too !


We have recently received a great kindness. Every year on his birthday, the family of Lachlan Underwood who died of a pediatric brain tumor almost 4 years ago, choose a cause to support in his name. This year they donated 30 bags of cat food to Rob’s Rescues which have been passed on to Pet Buddies Food Panty and the Cherokee County Animal Shelter’s pantry. We are very grateful for this and know that Lachlan’s Light will always shine brightly. Please visit their site.

callum and rob



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