How can I find animals available for adoption?

Myles is 4 years old, good with kids and other dogs and available at the Northwest GA Humane Society

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Smaller, rural shelters are often the most overcrowded and least funded.  Rob’s Rescues is making a special point to reach out to these shelters and also try to educate the children in these areas on how they can help shelter animals.

  • Find animals here that are available in the Humane Society of Northwest Georgia.  This small shelter can use all the help it can get.  If you have any questions please contact Rob’s Rescues or the shelter directly.
  • Have a look at this Rob’s Rescues post to see some of the beautiful dogs in this small, rural shelter that doesn’t get much traffic.

News from Cherokee County Shelter is that they are stretching the boundaries this year to save more pets.


Seniors are a difficulty because they often stress considerably more in a shelter environment, but if we can get them into foster homes quickly – they will have a much better chance of staying healthy and being adopted.

The Shelter feels that if they can get just a few fosters the program will be a success.  Please consider being a Foster for a Senior Dog !!


Rescuing one animal is not going to change the world, but for that animal, its life is changed forever, and yours probably too.

These animals know the feeling of abandonment but have now landed with their little butts in the butter !

Send a picture of your rescue and let us know where it came from !!




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