Ms. Mary EuDaly and Angel the 3 Legged Therapy Dog

I interviewed Ms. Mary EuDaly and her dog, Angel who is a 3 legged dog from Egypt and Ms. Lindsay Hayes a teacher at High Point Elementary School.

Ms. Mary EuDaly, Rob and Angel reading with a student.

Questions to Ms EuDaly.

How old is Angel and what kind of dog is she?

10 years old, Cross Shepherd.

Do you have other pets?

3 other dogs, all rescues.

Where did Angel come from?

Tanya from Second Life Atlanta (see previous interviews) brought her back from Egypt.  She was a Cairo street dog and had been hit by a truck.  She was in the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA) for 4 years.

Angel, the 3-legged therapy dog from Cairo, Egypt.

How did you start therapy work with Angel?

I met Angel at Second Life Atlanta and fostered her.  I saw how she loves people and how good she is with children.  She has such a story to tell!  People are inspired by Angel. She has so much love but has been through so much hardship.

Why does Angel only have 3 legs?

She was hit by a truck in Cairo and taken to the ESMA.  The leg was badly mangled and stuck out behind her.  She remained like this for 4 years in Cairo and it was amputated when she came to the USA.

Angel relaxing after a therapy session.

What is Angel’s best ability?

Giving unconditional love.

What would make a good therapy dog?

Therapy dogs have to like all people and get along with other dogs.  They have to pass the Canine Good Citizens test and be able to tolerate noisy and quite chaotic situations.

What does Angel like to do most?

She loves to be petted and loves to be with people.  She likes to play with one of my other dogs.

What do the kids like best about Angel?

They like to see a dog at school and they like to pet her.

What can I do to help you?

Encourage people who have potentially good therapy dogs to go through the program at Happy Tails (  There is a lot of demand for therapy dogs.

Do you have any advice for me?

Keep on doing what you are doing.  Keep telling the stories behind rescue dogs.


Questions to Ms Hayes, teacher at High Point E.S.

Ms. Mary EuDaly, Ms. Lindsey Hayes, Angel and Rob.

What were your first thoughts about bringing a dog into your classroom?

I thought it was an amazing idea.  It is a great motivator for kids who are reluctant to read, as dogs are a perfect audience.

What advantage does it give to have a dog here?

The kids develop confidence.  It is a safe environment and they can make mistakes without being judged.

What do the kids like about Angel?

They all want to read to Angel.  They feel special getting to read with her.

What do you like about Angel?

I like seeing my kids get excited about reading.  Having Angel here is a wonderful incentive for them.  They want to be great readers for Angel!