Dr. Good is an Atlanta vet and the inspiration behind the Homeless Pets Foundation.

FullSizeRenderHe invited Rob to his clinic in Marietta to learn more about his work.  Rob was fortunate to watch Dr. Good in surgery, repairing a hematoma in a dog’s ear, before he sat down with him to hear about his ambitious plans for solving the country’s homeless pet problems.

Rob:  How do you help dogs and cats?

Dr. Good:  Firstly I am a vet.  I treat sick and injured animals.   I get them healthy and help them stay healthy.  I also founded the Homeless Pets Foundation.  The goal of this organization is to rescue animals and foster them and find homes for them.  Part of this organization is the Homeless Pet Clubs which educates school children starting at 4 years old about animal rescue and how to properly care for animals.  I have big plans for Homeless Pet Clubs and want to get them into as many schools, businesses, and communities as I can.  I also am involved in something called the Underhound Railway which helps move animals from the South to the North to find homes.

Rob:  How many cats and dogs do you save every year ?

Dr. Good: One thousand plus.  Through Pet Clubs and partners many more.  Awareness and education is key.  If an animal can be pulled into a club it will not be euthanized.

Rob:  How many helpers do you have?

Dr. Good: In rescue I am aiming for 1 million helpers to tell the story of shelter animals.  The more people that can foster and arrange Clubs in the community the more animals can be saved.


Click here for a link to pets that can be adopted through the Homeless Pet Foundation