Project HOPE by the Anti-Dogfighting Campaign

The Anti-DogFighting Campaign (A.D.F.C.) has different subcategories besides just educating and helping to end dog fighting. One new project of A.D.F.C. is the Project HOPE Community Outreach program.

Project HOPE is a program designed in helping the low income families of communities with dog/cat food, blankets, dog/cat toys, towels, dog/cat collars, …etc. This program will also reach out to the small animal shelters/rescues that are barely noticed and don’t have major funding as the larger, more well-known rescues and are in need of these very same items for all their intakes. Project HOPE Community Outreach is a way to help those in need and build partnerships with many wonderful shelters/rescues.

Items donated to Project HOPE in Dalton, GA

The Project HOPE team can be found on the A.D.F.C. Facebook site. Some areas already have donation boxes in place at various business locations around town like Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee.

If you are interested in making a donation to the A.D.F.C. Project HOPE, please contact us at If you are a Georgia resident, you can also contact the Team Director, Shirley Duckworth at or the Georgia Assistant Manager, Hope Lewallen at

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