Pet Food Collection: New Site – Never Alone

Never Alone Inc’s mission is to serve residents of Cherokee County who are in legitimate need of food and clothing assistance.  Many people in need, who depend on Never Alone, ask if they have pet food and we found out today that they do not carry pet food at all.

We are hoping to change that by donating contributions of pet food made to Rob’s Rescues to Never Alone.  This will help reduce owner surrenders (if a family can’t afford to feed themselves they certainly can’t afford to feed their pets).  If Rob’s Rescues and Never Alone can give pet food out there is a greater likelihood of pets staying in the home and off the streets and out of the shelters.

There is now a Rob’s Rescues pet food collection bin at Never Alone.  Contributions can be made directly there.  Address : 291 Rope Mill Road, Woodstock.

Other RR pet food collection bins are at :

Yumsa – 106 Arnold Mill Road, Woodstock

Rebound Physical Therapy – 980 Woodstock Pkwy, Suite 200, Woodstock

Thank you !!!!!