Dog Gone Lost

It is a Pet Owner’s ultimate fear:

Tags are essential.
Tags are essential.

The dog is missing : someone left the door open, he jumped the fence, dug under the gate, leapt out of a window ……….. He’s gone !

When you are traveling with your dog it is even more scary because there is no way he is just exploring the neighborhood and will find his way back to your front door by himself. He’s no where near his home!

Just as you have a responsibilities of providing food, water and shelter to your pet, you also need to act in his best interests to keep him safe.

Microchips are essential.

Please microchip your pet (dogs and cats). Your vet can do it. Shelters will do it too, and make sure your information is correct and updated.

Tags on a collar are the first line of defense.

It is a sad but true fact, but if a pet is running around in the street most people will not want to deal with the inconvenience of trying to help it (what if it’s not really lost, I don’t want to take it to the shelter, I don’t want to be stuck with it ….) – but if a collar and tags are visible – someone is more likely to be a ‘hero’ if there is clearly a better possibility of a happy outcome.

Know your dog.

A GPS tracking device is often a good idea.
A GPS tracking device is often a good idea.

If it has a tendency to ‘run’ take extra precautions. My big black dog (see Personality) will never go to a stranger trying to help it. In that dog’s mind everything is a ‘trap’ and everyone is out to ‘get her’. She wears a GPS tracking collar ( It is not terribly expensive, it does need to be charged on a regular basis – but it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Keep treats handy.

Little black dog (see Personality) is a people pleaser and very obedient. I trust that if she got herself lost she would be receptive to help. Treats are a good lure for that personality particularly if the balance starts tilting away from obedience in favor of a bushy tailed squirrel darting into a wooded doggy wonderland !

 Tracking Lost Pets with Technology

The GPS Whistle tracking device – you use if from your smart phone –  gives peace of mind in the event of loss.  Once the dog is lost there are various apps that are helpful:

Finding Rover – uses facial recognition to reunite dog with owner.

Pet Amber Alert – uses amber alert technology to spread the word about a lost pet.

Find Toto – pet amber alert system and technology to print flyers.

Tracking 4 Paws – a system of volunteers  provide tracking services in MA, NH and ME and virtual guidance everywhere.

Paw Boost – Post, Promote, Reunite.

If you find a missing animal please read this vital information put out by Maddie’s Fund :  Good Intentions Can Go Very Wrong When You Find a Lost Pet

quigleyPlease visit this Blog : it is a chronicle of the experiences of blogger Holly Rizzuto Palker and important information learned during the search for her beloved dog, Quigley, who went missing in England while they were expats there. He remains missing and the search continues.

It explores using maps to track lost dogs, lost dogs living feral lives, microchips, publicity, the importance of missing posters, rescue centers, and theft by finding.