Connor’s Cats

FullSizeRenderCats are not for everyone  – but I like cats because they are fun to cuddle with and pet, and they always put you in a good mood.

As I said, cats are not for everyone so a lot of people realize too late that they don’t want or can’t look after them and there are way too many homeless cats.

I want to educate you about cats and show you cats at the shelter that are looking for homes.

There are also good cat books that I am going to be reviewing and a message below about how to care for cats.



This is Goggles.

He is almost a year old.  He came to the Shelter because his owner couldn’t take care of him anymore.  He is soft and likes to cuddle.  He is a domestic short hair mixed breed.  He has brownish fur with black stripes.  He does not like to play that much.  I think that this cat would be a perfect cat for pretty much anyone.  He is always super comfortable!



This is Annabel.

She is black and white.  She does not like to play much, but likes food. She likes to cuddle.  It think this would be a good cat for someone who doesn’t want an action cat.  She is at Cherokee County Animal Shelter.


  • Feed your cat a healthy diet.
  • Give your cat clean water.
  • Comfort your cat.
  • Brush your cat.
  • Give your cat a bed.
  • Let him go outside if he wants, but don’t force him.  It is safer for the cat to be an indoor cat but most cats like the opportunity to go out too.  You could put in a cat door but lock him in at night when it is more dangerous out there.