Anti-Dog Fighting Campaign Organization

Good friend of Rob’s Rescues, Hope Lewallen, asked us to please help and put the message out there.  Hope’s contact information is below and you can also find her at : Coco’s Kisses and Coco’s Kisses Homemade Dog Treats

The Anti-DogFighting Campaign (A.D.F.C.) is an organization that was founded in hopes to put an end to all facades of dog fighting while educating the public about the signs of dog fighting and how to report it. The A.D.F.C. advocates strive to be a voice for so many animals whose lives are harmed and injured by dog fighting. A.D.F.C. advocates also work and strive for harsher punishment for criminals who commit these crimes. A.D.F.C.’s goal is to end the cruel “sport” of dog fighting worldwide while giving the community a confidential place to report any suspicious behavior. If you suspect dog fighting, please call our tip line listed below, “private message” the Anti-DogFighting Campaign staff on our Community page on Facebook or email us and we will be more than happy to help. All information is “COMPLETELY AND STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL”. If you are a Georgia resident, you can also contact the Georgia Team Manager, Shirley Duckworth at or the Georgia Assistant Manager, Hope Lewallen at

U.S.A. Tip Line: 248-820-0532

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